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Cloud Native Enterprise Platform

CassiniPLM is a cloud native unified enterprise platform that helps enterprises efficiently manage their product development processes and get their products to market faster than their competition. Your entire product data is safe and secure in the cloud and is accessible from anywhere and any device.

Multi Tenant Architecture

CassiniPLM Platform is built with multi-tenant and microservices architecture. This means your product data is isolated from others and is safe and secure and the application performs due to distributed and optimized system resources.

  • Data isolation provides added security
  • Increased performance and scalability
  • Increased availability and reduced downtime
  • Automatic replication eliminates data loss
  • Lowered cost of investment and higher ROI

Data Localization

With data localization the platform will be compliant with any government regulations like GDPR and India's PDPB.

  • GDPR and PDPB compliance
  • Improved data security and privacy
  • Reduced data maintenance costs
  • Your data is closer to you

Security and Access Control

Our platform provides many layers of data security and access control. With object rights and granular permissions model you have a better control on who can access the data and what they can do.

  • Granular access control model
  • Users, roles, privileges and permissions
  • Object and attribute based access control
  • Role based application profiles

Enterprise Social

Enterprise social features of the platform connects and engages your product teams and enhances collaboration between them. Teams can share critical information like documents, specifications, drawings, etc. along with contextual data.

  • Contextual conversations throughout the application
  • Mentions and object linking within the conversations
  • Share files and images along with your messages
  • Encourage your customers to provide direct feedback
  • Integration with enterprise messaging applications like Slack

Enterprise Mobility

With our mobile applications your teams can access product data from anywhere. Enterprise mobility features of the platform allows you to customize the mobile applications based on their roles.

  • Access data securely from anywhere and on any device
  • Roles based mobile applications
  • Push notifications and automatic updates
  • Be part of conversations right from your mobile device

Low Code App Development

Custom application development is needed for customizations to provide better user experience for your product teams. CassiniPLM Platform provides low-code application development to build custom applications without writing much (or any) code.

  • Custom data models and custom fields
  • Built-in application builder
  • Define custom views or extend existing views

REST API and Plugin API

The Platform provides a number of REST APIs to create and access data in a secure environment. These APIs are easily accessible via different programming languages. The Platform also provides a Plugin API to build value added features that enhance the user experience.

  • Secure REST APIs
  • Extensible Plugin APIs
  • Detailed documentation with examples
  • Promoted as part of our partner ecosystem