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Product Data With Actionable Intelligence

Manage the entire lifecycle of a product from concept, through engineering design and manufacturing, quality, service and disposal of manufactured products by integrating people, data, processes and business systems. Get deep, actionable insights into your product data so that your product teams can take the right decisions and get your products to market faster!

Our Trusted Customers

Faster Time to Market

Build your products faster by streamlining your entire product development processes from design, engineering, manufacturing and quality.

Eliminate Delays and Costly Reworks

By providing accurate information to your teams at all stages of your product development, eliminate delays and costly reworks.

Improved Product Quality

Track product quality and customer issues and route them to through a closed loop system for engineering to fix these issues.

Audit Compliances and Mandates

If you require an audit and material compliance to meet government mandates and regulations, track these metrics with ease in CassiniPLM.

Enable Cross Functional Collaboration

Enable cross functional collaboration between your product development teams to share accurate and timely information.

Lower Costs and Higher ROI

Your organization will soon realize the benefits of CassiniPLM and higher ROI in the form of reduced product cycles and reduced costs.

Informative Home Dashboard

The fully customizable home view allows you to add widgets that are important for you.

  • Start and be part of conversations
  • Track tasks assigned to you
  • Your saved searches are easily accessible here
  • Track important product metrics
  • Activity stream keeps you informed
  • All notifications are shown here

Manage Items and Item Revisions

Create, update and manage all the items like products, assemblies, parts documents and manage all item files, related items and other information.

  • Manage different types of items
  • Update item attributes and track changes
  • Simple and advanced search functionality
  • View item revisions and their lifecycle phases
  • View change and quality objects related to items

Track Item Revision History

Track all the revisions of items and the change orders associated with these revisions.

  • Revision history with timestamps
  • Track lifecycle changes
  • View linked changed order details
  • Compare with other revisions
  • View BOM changes with each revision
  • Track file changes with each revision
  • Changes to released items are prevented

Streamlined Change Management

Create and manage various change objects like ECRs, ECOs, DCR, DCOs, MCOs, Deviations and Waivers.

  • Supports standard change management processes
  • Customize the processes to meet your needs
  • Track affected items and solutions items
  • Automated workflows and approval process
  • Track BOM redlines with each change order

Robust Workflow Engine

Automate all the processes with a robust built-in workflow engine and a workflow designer.

  • Drag and drop workflow designer
  • Customizable workflows with events and scripting
  • Automatic task creation for approval assignments
  • Track workflow history with timestamps
  • Track voting (approve/reject) of each assigned user
  • Set promote/demote rules
  • Hold and unhold workflows at any point

BOM, Configurations and Variants

Comprehensive BOM management, configuration management and variant management for items.

  • Easily create multi-level BOMs
  • Compare BOMs with other revisions and items
  • Create complex BOM configuration rules
  • Easily create variant BOMs and instances
  • Create BOM rollup reports for cost, weight, etc.

Seamless CAD Integrations

Seamless integrations with MCAD and ECAD tools makes it easier to access product and part data for engineers.

  • SolidWorks, SolidEdge, NX, Inventor, Creo & CATIA
  • Altium, PADSDesigner, OrCAD and others
  • Built-in PDM allows you to checkin/checkout designs
  • Create engineering BOM directly from CAD tools
  • Easily map or create CAD objects to items
  • Search part data directly from CAD tools
  • Eliminate duplicate, redundant CAD data

Project and Requirements Management

Comprehensive project management module with phases, activities and task assigned to team members and track deliverables for each phase.

  • Create new projects or from project templates
  • Track project progress across phases and tasks
  • Create a team and assign tasks and deliverables to them
  • Track project deliverables and their statuses
  • Gantt view shows project progress visually

Deep Product Quality Insights

Get deep insights into your product quality with various metrics, widgets and reports. Create detailed inspection plans and execute them.

  • Inspection plans and inspections
  • Track customer problem reports and NCRs
  • Create and Manage QCRs to track progress
  • Closed loop process with engineering
  • Dedicated quality dashboard with various widgets

Multi Faceted Deep Search

CassiniPLM makes it easier to find information buried in the vast amounts of product data. Search across all types of data from items to change objects and quality objects.

  • Fast, multi-faceted search across all data
  • Easily navigate to details from the results
  • Use filters to refine your search
  • Save searches for future use
  • Public and private searches
  • Search even files and download them

OEMs and OEM Parts

Manufacturing BOM depends on OEM parts. Effectively managing vendor parts is an important factor for product success. CassiniPLM allows you to efficiently manage OEMs and OEM Parts.

  • Create and manage vendors and suppliers
  • Workflow driven qualification process for OEMs
  • Create and manage vendor parts and their lifecycle
  • Link OEM parts to items
  • Manage preferred and alternate parts
  • Track supplier quality with dedicated dashboard

PLM Analytics and Reporting

CassiniPLM goes beyond just capturing product data. With PLM Analytics, dashboards and reports it provides deep, actionable intelligence to your product teams at every phase of product development.

  • Provides analytics across all modules
  • Dedicated dashboards for items, quality and change
  • Customizable widgets that adapt to user roles
  • Build your own queries and data widgets
  • Export reports to HTML, PDF, CSV and Excel

Classification and Attributes

Create your own data model using classification types and attributes. This allows you to customize and configure CassiniPLM to exactly meet your needs.

  • Create your own types for items, changes, quality, etc.
  • Create custom attributes for each type
  • Supports various data types for attributes
  • Create configurable attributes/options for variants
  • Assign lifecycles and revision sequences for types
  • Control revision and non-revision attributes

Configuration and Settings

Apart from classification and attributes, CassiniPLM further provides configuration and settings to extend the built-in functions. You can create your own auto number sources, lifecycles, relationships, etc.

  • Create customer auto number sources
  • Create your own lifecycles and phases
  • Define a list of values for some attributes
  • Create object relationships and attributes
  • Edit notification templates and preferences

Users, Roles and Access Control

CassiniPLM provides a robust access control in the form of users, roles and permissions. You can control who does what in the system.

  • Create internal and external users
  • Create roles and assign them to users
  • Assign permissions to each role
  • Easy and intuitive dashboard to assign permissions
  • Activate and de-activate users

Plugin APIs and Integrations

CassiniPLM Platform provides a number of APIs to extend and enhance its functionality. Third parties can build plugins that can provide integrations to other systems and add value-added functions.

  • Secure REST APIs
  • Plugin SDK to extend functionality
  • Provides various extension points in the app
  • Seamless data integration
  • Enables enterprise integrations

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